Commitment to Sustainability

Brandt Beef maintains a “farm-to-fork” philosophy which involves raising its animals humanely and naturally without hormones and antibiotic free.  It also provides education and recipes to chefs and consumers to promote the use of the entire animal.  This commitment to sustainability also includes being responsible stewards of the land. 

  • Brandt Beef employs crop rotation practices to maintain healthy soil for growing the alfalfa for its animals’ feed.
  • Brandt Beef composts its animals' waste to enrich the land.  Utilizing the compost has allowed the Brandt family's farming operation to nearly eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Local farmers even purchase the compost to use in their own farming.
  • Brandt Beef uses flood irrigation to attract native birds which act as natural pesticides by eliminating unwanted insects from Brandt's fields.
  • Lady bugs are released on Brandt’s fields to naturally combat aphids. 
  • Brandt Beef works with the Imperial Valley's burrowing owls, which act as natural predators that rid the fields of pests.

Burrowing Owls:  Brandt Beef currently has 15 "owl boxes" on site which are 80 percent occupied by the Imperial County's burrowing owls.  The owl boxes are placed four feet underground.  The owls, which are about 10 inches in length, occupy these boxes and are natural predators of field mice, insects and other pests.  The owls protect Brandt's fields from pests, while the Brandt family provides a home to these owls which are on California's watch list of endangered species.