Greetings Del Mar Racing Fans, join us trackside or
Pick-A-Winner from your home every race day for the winner of
the 7th race at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.


Brandt Beef sweetSTEAKS™ is a summer-long game where players choose the winning horse for the 7th race of  EVERY race day throughout the Del Mar Racetrack season.  Points will be awarded for each of the correct entries as follows:

Win = 350 points

Place = 225 points

Show = 50 points

Points will be tallied on a daily basis with the top 10 players being showcased on our site HERE.  Are you not able to attend the races everyday?  Don’t fret!  Submit your entries before closing for the 7th race and you will be entered for that day’s race.  (The 7th race at Del Mar Racetrack takes place at approximately 5pm every race day, except for Fridays, when it takes place around 7pm.)

Final points will be tallied on Sunday, August 19th with the TOP TEN WINNERS receiving EXCLUSIVE TICKETS to Celebrate the Chef® 2012 on Pacific Classic Day, Sunday, August 26th, 2012 (total points through August 19th).  Mingle with both American and international celebrity chefs at our private event while tasting exquisite, signature Brandt Beef dishes, delicious cocktails and a spectacular view of the races! 

Brandt Beef’s sweetSTEAKS™ does not end there!  At the conclusion of the racing season, the overall winner will also receive a “ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF BRANDT BEEF!” (total points throughout entire season ending September 5th).  See below for more details.


How do I submit my entry?  Please scan the QR code provided to you at the races or go directly to the landing page HERE.


Am I able to submit multiple entries?  Yes, in the event that you change your selection, you may resubmit your entry for that day.  Please note, the most recent entry prior to the start of the race will be used in calculating your points.  Each submission is time-stamped and will be verified prior to entry into our database.

My horse has scratched, now what?  No problem!  Simply resubmit your entry before closing prior to the 7th race and you will be entered for today’s race.

How will I be notified if I win?  Brandt Beef will contact you via e-mail on August 20th and at the conclusion of the season if you have won either an EXCLUSIVE INVITATION to Celebrate the Chef®, or our Grand Prize of a ONE-YEAR SUPPLY OF BRANDT BEEF.

What is the last day used to determine the players that will attend Celebrate the Chef®?  The last entries to qualify for Celebrate the Chef® will be accepted on Sunday, August 19th.  If you are one of the top 10 players, you will be notified on August 20th with details for Celebrate the Chef® the following Sunday. 

The last entries to qualify for the Grand Prize of a ONE-YEAR supply of Brandt Beef will be accepted on Wednesday, September 5th.  If you have won, you will be notified by e-mail Thursday, September 6th to begin receiving your prize.

By entering this sweepstakes, you are opting in to get race leaderboard updates, and to receive news and updates via email from Brandt Beef. 

Enter once a day, every race day now through Sept. 5th to win Brandt Beef for a year ($2,500 credit value redeemable on line for home delivery, value excludes shipping and handling).  Your one-year supply of Brandt Beef will be divided into 12 monthly shipments and must be completed no later than September 5th, 2013.  Any unredeemed value as of September 6th, 2013 will be void.  Winner is responsible for all shipping charges and applicable taxes with the prize winnings.

Top 10 Winners by August 19th will receive exclusive tickets to Brandt Beef's Celebrate the Chef® on Del Mar Pacific Classic, Sunday August 26th.  Here you will mingle with top regional and international chef's and enjoy a delicious array of various Brandt Beef culinary dishes, all trackside in the Private Pavillion directly on the final stretch. An event many chef's claim as The Event of the Year!

*Must be 21 or older to participate. 

Click HERE to read the full sweetSTEAKS™ Rules and Regulations.