Learning About Sustainable Beef Production at Brandt Beef

In sustainable beef production, the primary concern of the rancher is to become a "responsible steward of the land." Brandt Beef, a Southern California based ranch and harvesting facility, is committed to sustainability by raising its animals without antibiotics or hormones, using natural methods for pest control and working with chefs and restaurant owners on ways to use the entire animal.

Learning About Sustainable Beef Production at Brandt Beef

Brandt Beef first became concerned about sustainable beef production in the 1990s, when consumers expressed concerns about beef that had been raised using hormones and antibiotics. Since then, all of the premium natural beef at Brandt Beef comes from animals that have been fed a corn based vegetarian diet for at least 365 days. In addition, the alfalfa used in the animal feed is grown using organic compost that is sourced directly from the Brandt family's cattle. Since we use natural methods such as ladybugs and burrowing owls to reduce the vermin and insect population on our ranch, you'll never find traces of pesticides in Brandt premium natural beef.

Because of Brandt Beef's commitment to sustainable beef in California, we are supported by the following organizations:

  • The American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF)
  • Bocuse d'Or USA
  • Certified Farmer's Market—California Grown

Brandt Beef is also the only beef producer to receive the prestigious Seal of Excellence from the Master Chefs' Institute. If you would like more information on sustainable beef production at Brandt Beef, contact us toll-free at (800) 782-1670 or email us at thetruenatural@brandtbeef.com.