How Brandt Beef Uses Source Verified Meat Technology

Source verified meat is a relatively new process that allows cattle ranchers to use modern technology to track the quality of their product. Thanks to innovations such as geographic information systems (GIS), radio frequency identifications devices (RFID) and optical scanning, the quality and consistency of source verified beef is higher than ever before.

How Brandt Beef Uses Source Verified Meat Technology

Brandt Beef was a pioneer in the use of source verified meat technologies. After switching to a farm to fork meat program that emphasized sustainability and all natural ranching practices, the Brandt family decided that the only way to preserve the quality of its products was through modern technology. That's why Brandt Beef uses the Datastar Global Track system. This integrated system allows Brandt Beef to monitor the quality of its beef through the following phases of the supply chain:

  • Farm and ranch
  • Processing plant
  • Testing laboratory
  • Transport vehicles
  • Storage facilities
  • Supermarket or restaurant

Brandt Beef relies upon these source verified beef technologies to detect hazards such as contamination, spoilage or the presence of airborne bacteria and pathogens. A single bar code allows Brandt Beef to trace every beef product to a single animal, so any problems can be quickly identified and handled. These technologies ensure that Brandt Beef source verified meat maintains the highest standards of safety, quality and flavor.

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