Brandt Beef Introduces New ‘Demi Glace de Boeuf Elite’

Flavorful broth made from all-natural beef bones; reduced naturally in an open kettle

BRAWLEY, Calif. – April 1, 2010 – Brandt Beef, a single-family owned producer of premium natural beef for up-scale restaurants and retail markets, introduces its “Brandt Beef Demi Glace de Boeuf Elite.” The company’s latest product is made from simmering its all-natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef bones that are both age and source verified. Consumers can purchase Brandt Beef’s Demi Glace de Boeuf Elite at select gourmet retailers across the U.S., as well as at

Demi glace is a classic cooking sauce with a wide variety of uses for the professional chef, as well as for the home kitchen. Whether used as a base for soups, braised dishes or as a finishing sauce for a grilled steak, its applications are numerous. Typically an all-day process that few home cooks have time for; Brandt Beef conveniently accomplishes this time staking task by simmering its marrow-rich beef bones for hours in an open kettle along with water, vegetables and seasonings.

“By allowing the reduction to occur naturally, we avoid using additional salt, corn syrup, beef extracts or concentrates, thickeners, extenders or any other artificial components typically used in similar demi-glaces,” says Tom McAliney, Brandt Beef’s Certified Executive Chef. “Brandt Beef prides itself on only using all-natural beef in all of its products, and our new Demi Glace de Beouf Elite is no exception. Chefs and foodies alike will enjoy cooking with this beefy, rich product.”

About Brandt Beef
Brandt Beef – The True Natural, is a single family owned premium natural beef producer for the up-scale restaurant and retail markets. The Brandt family is dedicated to sustainable practices and is passionate about producing the most consistent, highest quality, 100 percent source verified natural beef on the market. Through cattle selection, natural feeding practices and humane treatment of animals, Brandt Beef produces a product that is unparalleled in taste, tenderness and consistency. Brandt Beef received the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence for its commitment to produce a superior natural beef product. For more information on Brandt Beef, please visit