Brandt Beef Selects GTR-Datastar for Source Verification and Total Asset Visibility

Revolutionary system provides real-time tracking, information
and test results to guarantee product safety

BRAWLEY, Calif. – March 22, 2006 – Brandt Beef – The True Natural, a family owned, premium natural beef producer, announced today that is has selected GTR-Datastar’s revolutionary GlobalTrack System to source verify and guarantee the safety of its 100 percent natural beef products, which are harvested from cattle born and raised here in the U.S. This unprecedented announcement comes in the wake of another verified U.S. case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or “Mad Cow” disease, reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Monday, March 13. Eating meat products contaminated with “Specified Risk Materials” from BSE infected cattle has been linked to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a rare and fatal nerve disease responsible for more than 150 human deaths worldwide.

“It’s a very unique situation that our family is in where years of commitment and dedication are coming to fruition. We are hopeful that there will continue to be customers out there that are willing to step away from traditional commodity beef pricing and realize the full value that we are bringing to the table,” said Eric W. Brandt, Vice President and Managing Partner, Brandt Beef. “Besides raising our animals naturally, we have now pushed the envelope by teaming up with GTR-Datastar to utilize its GlobalTrack software. This fully integrated system will provide an audit trail of everything that has happened to our products by cataloging information at various points along the supply chain, including farm, ranch, processing plant, testing laboratory, transport vehicles, storage facilities, supermarkets and restaurants. This is an exciting time in the industry where listening to the consumer and acting on it is imperative if you want to survive as an independent producer.”

The Brandt family has been in the livestock and farming business since the early 1900s and started feeding cattle commercially in 1945. With the onset of consumer concerns regarding hormones and antibiotics in the early 1990’s, Brandt decided to go against industry standards and raise their animals naturally. With this change in focus they laid the ground work for what today utilizes the only fully integrated birth to consumption source verification tracking process in the industry.

“To protect consumers’ health, it is vitally important to know where particular shipments of meat, vegetables and other products originated and where they’ve been,” said Paul Cheek, Partner, GTR-Datastar. “Our system can minimize the social, economic and environmental costs associated with an outbreak for each organization across the supply chain. If contamination does occur, whether it is intentional or unintentional, GlobalTrack can pinpoint where contaminants entered the supply chain and isolate the problem immediately.”
The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that there are approximately 60,000 documented incidents of contaminated food in the U.S. each year. Less than one percent of the food imported into the U.S. undergoes any type of inspection – leaving what many call an open door to terrorists. Additionally, there is no existing national emergency technical management system for animal health related diseases.

The GlobalTrack system employs several innovative technologies which deliver a wide variety of real-time information to assess contamination situations. These innovative technologies include:

•RFID technology, barcodes and optical scanning (radio frequency identification devices that use radio waves, and other scanning devices to automatically and uniquely identify physical items in varying proximity to machine “readers” at the farm, ranch, processing, testing, ship, truck, container, pallet or unique item level);
•spatial technology (GPS/GIS technology for immediate location of products, and tracking wind patterns in the event of an air-borne pathogen);
•and satellite imagery (immediate geographic isolation and real-time pictures of problem areas).

In addition to GTR-Datastar’s GlobalTrack system, every Brandt Beef shipment benefits from Cryovac iBag Shrink Packing using InfoWrap Technology.
“Combined with total asset visibility and tracking provided by GTR-Datastar’s GlobalTrack, the Cryovac iBag information-ready packaging provides an additional safety measure enabling tracking to the individual item level,” added Paul Cheek. “Each bar code contains the audit trail of the product through the entire supply-chain, even including laboratory test data from nationally recognized food safety laboratory Silliker, Inc. Samples from every Brandt Beef combo bin go to Silliker for testing and the results are obtained before any product is shipped.”

About Brandt Beef
Brandt Beef – The True Natural, is a family owned premium natural beef producer for the up-scale restaurant and retail markets. The Brandt family is passionate about producing the most consistent, highest quality, 100 percent source verified natural beef in the market. Through cattle selection, natural feeding practices and humane treatment of animals, Brandt Beef produces a product that is unparalleled in taste, tenderness and consistency. Recently, Brandt Beef received the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence for its achievement in obtaining the Master Chef’s Institute standard of quality. More information is available at

About GTR-Datastar
Global Technology Resources-Datastar (GTR-Datastar) is a U.S. based spatial technology company that specializes in the development and implementation of risk mitigation technology for global commercial business and government use. The company and its subsidiaries develop technology for use in the bioterrorism, food safety, and disease detection mitigation areas. More information about GTR-Datastar can be found at