Brandt Beef Receives Master Chefs' Institute Seal of Excellence

BRAWLEY, Calif. – January 23, 2006 – Brandt Beef – The True Natural, a family owned, premium natural beef producer received the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence.

The Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence was designed to evaluate and test food, equipment and beverage products and to recognize those which have achieved the Master Chefs’ Institute standard of quality. If a product meets the Master Chefs’, LLC standard, the Seal of Excellence can be displayed in product advertising.

The Master Chefs’ Institute team put Brandt Beef through more than one hundred twenty experiments and also compared it to a control group of three competitors in the same category. The blind testing process performed by a panel of Certified Master Chefs focused on the functional, qualitative and organoleptic product properties of the beef line.

“In the vast majority of tests Brandt Beef outperformed the competitive samples,” said Ferdinand Metz, Master Chefs, LLC Managing Partner. “Their line rated highest in the flavor, texture and tenderness categories which are crucial for chefs and end consumers alike.”

The Brandt family has been in the livestock and farming business since the early 1900s and started feeding cattle commercially in 1945. With the onset of consumer concerns regarding hormones and antibiotics in the early 1990’s, Brandt decided to go against industry standards and raise their animals naturally. With this change in focus they laid the ground work for what today utilizes the only fully integrated birth to consumption source verification tracking process in the industry. Brandt Beef performs because it is corn fed for over 300 days without the use of antibiotics, and no growth hormones throughout the animals’ lifespan.

“We pride ourselves on raising our animals naturally, using the best and most humane techniques of animal husbandry known today. By following these time tested practices, we produce the most consistently tender and flavorful beef in the country,” said William L. Brandt, President, Brandt Beef.

Vice President and Managing Partner, Eric W. Brandt added, “It is a privilege and honor to be recognized by the prestigious Master Chefs’ Institute. As a small family business it’s overwhelming to receive this kind of national recognition for a product we believe in so passionately.”

The Master Chefs’ Institute team has won many international awards. They have almost 200 years combined food service experience and the highest level of culinary credentials. There are fewer than 65 Master Chefs in the United States. More information about the Master Chefs’ Institute and the Seal of Excellence can be found at

About Brandt Beef
Brandt Beef – The True Natural, is a family owned premium natural beef producer for the up-scale restaurant and retail markets. The Brandt family is passionate about producing the most consistent, highest quality, 100 percent source verified natural beef in the market. Through cattle selection, natural feeding practices and humane treatment of animals, Brandt Beef produces a product that is unparalleled in taste, tenderness and consistency. Recently, Brandt Beef received the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence for its achievement in obtaining the Master Chef’s Institute standard of quality. More information is available at