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Average Rating: 10.00/10
I was searching on Google for best steaks online, Brandt shows up #1, I said what the heck I never heard of them but they must be there for a reason. I ordered the rib-ey steaks and they were the best rib-eye steaks ever tasted. That Google thing must know what it is doing or the Google team maybe orders from them. We are in New Yorks top 7 Deli's 10 years in a row.
Bruce Harrison, Harrison Deli
I ordered some steaks and talked to the online manager Chris Greenman, he recommened a few things and was the most honest and direct guy I have ever met. He had me laughing about the owners commitment to quality and standards. Anyway by far the best steak I have ever had and my husband though it was better then life, thanks again to staff and great steaks.
Trisha, Stay at home mom
I am not a big fan of beef jerky, but my whole family is crazy abut it. My best friend's hubby makes his own jerky and my kids and hubs go wild when we visit but nothing can top Brand Beef Jerky.
I purchased 4 flank steaks at the Encinitas farmers' market. They were delicious. I love that I can get a good price on "humanely raised and slaughtered" meat so conveniently. I look forward to buying again soon.
"Thanks so much Chris. You are too kind to send the bacon! Believe me, our family will love it! I need to check out the rib roast next. It sounds great as well!! I heard about Brandt beef through Dean and Deluca. We frequently order from Dean and Deluca and have ordered Brandt steaks on several occasions....because let's face it, the steaks are AMAZING!! Today, I thought I would check out the Brandt Beef website directly to see if you offered any additional products that were not features on the Dean and Deluca website. You were very kind on the phone and just the personal attention I received was outstanding. THANK YOU!! Again, thanks a million for your generosity. And we will definitely be return customers! Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year," Holly Eaton
Holly Eaton

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how pleased my family was with the steaks that we purchased from you recently. The Prime filet was among the best we've had and the ribeye was so tender and flavorful! I am most thankful that you packed everything so well. I was frustrated when I found out the steaks would actually take 3 days to arrive due to a delay with Fed-Ex. Being shipped to Florida's warm climate, I just knew they would be ruined. Thanks to your careful packing with 15 ice packs, the steaks were still chilled and in excellent condition when they arrived. We would not hesitate to use your company again or to refer our friends to you. Thanks for such a great experience. Sincerely, Noelle Price
Noelle Price
"Chris, happy New year…I just got back from vacay but wanted to tell you that without a doubt, the Bone in French rib chop was the finest piece of meat I have ever eaten and I have eaten all over the world….don’t know what your doing (or not doing) to those cattle, but pure awesomeness….congrats to your organization and will check in once my supply is empty. “Charles E. "Chip" Batchelder Managing Director Wyman Street Advisors

Charles Batchelder, Wymm Street Advisors
I would just like to say that I steaks for my whole family for Christmas and we are all now Brandt Beef addicts. Not sure if it is the Natural process, vegetable diet, water, or the lack of hormones but they are do something right. Best meat hands down I have ever ate.

Larry Gaff
Macs Auto
Larry Gaff, Macs Auto in Santa Ana

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