Brandt Beef "Head To Tail" Chart

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Sustainability by Brandt Beef

As the commodity beef industry has evolved into a consolidated and price driven entity, chefs and consumers are being led away from the true, natural methods of independent family farming, which until recently have been the backbone of American agriculture.

Brandt Beef has remained true to its values and is proud to be a single family owned operation that raises, feeds and processes all of its own animals. This true natural “farm to fork” operation involves raising its animals humanely and naturally without hormones or antibiotics, and promoting the use of the entire animal.

Through complete vertical integration and responsible practices, Brandt Beef is able to preserve the cultural roots of ranching and re-establish the culinary link to the farm. By providing education about our traditional methods, we are empowering chefs to make a statement and support our sustainable food system.

At Brandt Beef, it is our goal to connect with chefs and consumers to reignite and share this passion for sustainable eating. We believe that the bond between the chef and the farmer is one of the fundamental building blocks to creating a healthy and sustainable food system.

As a means to accomplishing this task, we are pleased to re-introduce “whole animal pricing” in a modern day form. By working together, we are confident that we can reinvent the way chefs have historically purchased beef and continue our pursuit of a sustainable food system.

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