Our Natural Hamburger

All natural hamburger can only come from corn fed cattle that have not been subjected to hormones, antibiotics and harmful chemicals. At Brandt Beef, you'll find a wide selection of all natural steaks, all natural hamburger and other beef products that are popular with upscale restaurants, gourmet retailers and master chefs.

All Natural Hamburger From Brandt Beef

In order to make a tasty, tender all natural hamburger, you need to start with all natural steaks from a ranch dedicated to sustainable practices and source verification. Brandt Beef uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor the quality of the beef during all phases of the supply chain such as:

  • Farm and ranch
  • Processing plant
  • Testing laboratory
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Supermarket or restaurant

This approach allows Brandt Beef to deliver the highest quality beef products in California--all through a single barcode. In addition, Brandt Beef uses such technologies as radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs), geographic information systems (GIS) and even satellite imagery to monitor the quality of its all natural hamburger and steaks at every step of the supply chain. This approach ensures that every cut of Brandt Beef is delicious, natural and safe for consumption.

Combine this tracking technology with our sustainable ranching facilities and the strict vegetarian diet we feed our animals, and the end result is all natural hamburger that has received the Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence. If you would like to know more about the Brandt Beef commitment to superior quality or our farm to fork operation, call us at (800) 782-1670 or email us at thetruenatural@brandtbeef.com.