All Natural Beef


If you're a restaurant owner or chef who is looking for natural beef for sale, Brandt Beef is well known for its commitment to raising its animals humanely, naturally and without the use of hormones. This end result is premium natural beef that has even earned esteemed Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence for superior taste, texture and tenderness. We now offer all our natural beef products on our online division, now anyone can enjoy what our family and many others consider, the best natural beef produced.

Natural Beef for Sale From Brandt Beef

While you may hear about "All Natural Beef" that is raised without hormones, pesticides or chemical additives, Brandt Beef takes this approach one step further than most beef farmers. First of all, Brandt Beef maintains a higher quality of alfalfa for its cattle feed by practicing responsible crop rotation policies on its farms. This results in feed that is higher in nutrients, which naturally translates to healthier cattle. We also use the waste from our cattle as compost, which eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.

Second, we use natural methods to control vermin and insects on our farms. Flood irrigation practices attract more native birds to the land, and those birds feed on insects that can harm cattle and crops. We also release ladybugs into the fields to control the aphid population. Brandt Beef even provides "owl boxes" for native burrowing owls so they can control rodents, insects and other types of destructive pests. These practices all add up to premium natural beef that is sustainable as well as delicious.

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